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Food/Snack Guidelines

To all parents:
We have children in our school with food allergies including several who are allergic to peanuts. Since these allergies are potentially life‐threatening, we are asking for your help to reduce the risk of accidental exposure in our school.   
When sending in a healthy snack for your child please consider a snack that does not contain nut products or snacks processed on equipment exposed to nut products. (A good source of information is the snack’s nutritional label.) The following guidelines for school snacks have been adopted and will be adhered to this school year.
1. Parents are asked not to send in snacks for the class.
2. Students who would like a snack are encouraged to bring one from home but are not to share with other students.
3. Parents will be notified in advance if food will be served in classroom. Parent permission is required for participation.  
4. Parents are asked not to send food items for birthday/class parties.
5. In order to ensure food safety and to protect children who have food allergies, homemade foods will not be served.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Please contact our school if you have any questions or concerns.