Youth in Government Trip

Our Youth-in-Government (YIG) club attended the South Carolina for YIG this past week.  YIG was an opportunity for students to simulate the SC democratic process.  Students acted as senators and representatives.  They wrote, debated, and voted on legislation.  The following is information about specific legislation that was presented by the Dawkins YIG team. These students spent a lot of time preparing for this opportunity and they did an outstanding job representing Dawkins and District 6.  Way to go Bearcats!

Addison Miller and Emma Hart’s bill was passed and signed to require all motorcyclists to wear helmets on the roads of SC.  

Kate Wilson, Brynn Laney and Addison Laney had their bill passed and signed to outlaw 7 of the most deadliest pesticides to help save the bees in SC.

Alia Goode, Riley Ruane, and Jennifer Odensi’s bill passed through committee, the House and the Senate but did not get signed by the YIG governor due to the lack of time.  It was to decrease the broadband in our SC prisons to inmates could not use cell phones while incarcerated. 

Unfortunately, Arvin Radfar’s bill along with Cody Sisk’s bill did not make it through the House.  Arvin wanted to require all city residents to recycle and Cody wanted to ban the sale of online vapor products and e-cigarettes to make it more difficult for teens to buy these products.